Gmail vs. Google Workspace

Which is Best for Business?

Many small business owners can be tempted to create free gmail addresses for themselves and their staff. In some cases, it can work. However, as your company grows, it’s important to have more tools available to you.

Some questions to ask yourself …

  • How many people will be getting company email addresses?
  • How much control do you want to have over their access to company files?
  • What options do you want to have if you let an employee go?
  • Do you have shared company documents?

While both types of accounts do have their benefits it’s important to keep your company’s data in mind when choosing an option.

When you want to control what your staff has access to or what features they can control themselves, the Google Workspace user management will be key. This can include everything from creating consistent signatures across all emails to requiring password updates every six months to which files different seniority levels can access.

Additionally, you can set up groups and even create an agency setting where your staff has access to client accounts.

The chart below shows a comparison between the two types of email account setups:

gmail vs google workspace chart

When it comes to support, if you’re going to want tech help in a timely manner, direct support with the Google Workspace might be the way to go. Sometimes you can troubleshoot a problem quickly. Other times that’s not the case.

When it comes to your email domain name, there are pros and cons for both sides. Gmail email addresses can sometimes have higher delivery rates than branded email addresses. At the same time, the branded ones look far more professional.

Google has a large suite of apps for productivity and collaboration. While there are some that are available to all, others can help make a team run more efficiently. Here’s some of the apps included with the Google Workspace:

Workspace apps

These apps are web based so they can be accessed from anywhere. You can store files on Google Drive with both types of plans, but you have far more control over files and company documents with the workspace.

Having all of your business files in one location makes it very convenient. Plus, it allows multiple employees to work in one document at the same time, ensuring that the most up to date file is readily available.

With both options, you can easily share files and give specific permissions to edit, view or comment on a document.

Device control is available in the forms of mobile device management and Chrome browser control. Mobile device management has the ability to control which devices can access your data, and enforce policies such as screen lock, biometrics, and encryption. Browser control controls settings in the Chrome browser, and can also enforce some policies and settings on the computer.

Google support is highly valuable when things go wrong, or specialized assistance is required. Google support is included with all Google Workspace subscriptions, although some higher levels include priority support. Support can assist with all aspects of the Google Workspace ecosystem.

Both types of email setup are powered by Google and can bring a productive experience to your business. It’s up to you to decide which one will best serve your company’s needs as you grow. Let our tech team get it all set up for you, call 650-743-9293 for a free quote.